So…what is embodiment?

Embodiment seems to be everywhere these days . You can’t read anything about healing or personal growth and spirituality(including this) without encountering the words  “embody” “embodying” “embodiment” – I’m even trained in Embodied Relational Therapy – so what exactly is it all about ?  Why is it  so prevalent today , and why are so many people talking about it ?

I’ve done a few tours of the ‘spiritual community’ and have seen an interesting transition take place over the last 20 years – when I was starting out on my journey everything seemed to be about Ascending , elevating , raising – spirituality seemed to be what happened outside of your body in some cosmic place above and beyond where ever you happened to be physically situated at the time.

Healing , channelling, astral travel , out of body experiences, all take place in a space outside of the body in the mental levels , using visualisation, meditation ,shamanic journeying  and other techniques to get you out of your body  and into another supposedly more ‘spiritual realm’ where the vibrations are higher , the living more pure .

This seemed to me more about escaping the realities of this earlthy existence than learning how to actually deal with being here and existing in the real world – not the imaginary one created by an ego that thinks all the work can be done in the mind at the exclusion of the body .  NB – I am not suggesting their is no value in any of the afore mentioned practices, there definitely is  – however there seemed nothing to counter balance the going ‘out’- there was nothing supporting bringing what was learned or observed back ‘in’ and integrating it . There was no emphasis on grounding or emboying anything . The emphasis was on  elevating consciousness out of the body.

All very well , but then what ??

I say this, in this way because this was my own personal experience and journey . It was a nice trip into cloud cuckoo land but it didn’t help me BE HERE any better . In fact more often than not , it  caused lots of confusion and difficulties .

I experienced lots of people not doing their own personal work and messing about with energies they didn’t understand , who  didn’t have any grounded way of working with their own or other peoples energy .

People who meant well but were, in reality, not fully  aware of what they were working with , the impact  it was having on others and their responsibility to create safe spaces for people to explore  their spiritual nature  with awareness of what they were doing .  It was doubly difficult and confusing for me because I’m very energetically sensitive , very intuitive and have a great gift for reading people and situations and seeing the core of it.

I’d gone looking for support to explore and understand this better, to learn how to work safely and responsibly with it and  I didn’t like what I saw . It made me uncomfortable and uneasy . I didn’t feel anyone was taking the necessary care and I very much felt there was a lot of work that needed to be done to make it right. Starting with myself .

I needed to remove myself from unhelpful situations and seek out people who were working responsibly and ethically  and who did know what they were doing .

This was of course  my experience , from my perspective at that time , and it proved to be an invaluable learning curve and personal growth process that put me in touch with how totally and utterly out of balance I was , how totally chaotic life is when you are too open psychically , how difficult functioning in the world is with poor personal boundaries and how easy it is to be a victim , blaming everything around you for the things in your life that don’t work out for you, being unwilling and unable to take any responsibility for any of it . I experienced  all of those things . In truth I was being drawn towards the experiences that would give me an opportunity to recognise and realise my own lack of Embodiment.

I knew deep down it was part of a process that wasn’t just something I personally was going through , but it was happening on a much larger scale across humanity as we entered a time of shifting towards more wholeness, balance , cohesiveness.

As I began to work on bringing myself more in to balance- I began to encounter more of the process of embodiment – I began to encounter people who worked with others to bring more of  a persons soul, spirit and energy INTO their body , people who where looking at ways to support connection to our physical selves , to acknowledging the physical place we inhabit this world in  and how important it is we are IN that body so we can function and exist as whole beings here.

In the last 5 years there appears to have  been an explosion of body workers , healers , therapists. priestesses, shamanic practitoners, life coaches, mentors, teachers, yogis, etc who are sharing the same message, of fully embracing embodiment in our physical forms, in order to be able to create the life and the world we wish to live in .

Of course this is  also be an outward reflection of the evolving path of my own journey- from disembodiment to embodiment being mirrored in my life experiences .  Obviously those I began to work with had  reached this place before me , and no doubt its a natural process we all come to at some point , but something about the timing of it and the increase of awareness of it tells me its more than a personal thing. Its a global thing. As humanity keeps moving ever closer to  shifting the point of balance,  we grow and evolve towards what will hopefully be a future where we are once again , balanced and aligned with the natural cycles , rhythms and in  proper relationship with  the Earth and all those we share it with .

This all sounds wonderful . But …….. to BE more embodied .. to be fully present in our lives … means being aware of and working with that which has lead to our disembodiment. That which  has lead to us not inhabiting our presence , our space , our personal power- it means healing the wounding and trauma and pain  that has left us wanting to escape this body and this world in the first place .

If our body is blocked or uncomfortable or unsafe to be in, we can not be embodied.

If we are scared to be here or it is painful, we wont want to or will find it difficult to stay, even if we manage to bring some part of us more fully here .Those aspects and parts of our selves will need time to heal and integrate to fully be here.  Other parts may resist . There may even be parts that will never be able to be fully here – through experiencing severe trauma – and some times we have to accept that is how it needs to be. To me, it is vitally important to honour your self in the process of embodiment (and in any area of life in fact) . You need to feel safe enough to face what you are able to and know its absolutely ok not to look at, what you are not ready or able to safely manage.

Embodiment is a process. It can be painful . It can bring us into contact with deeply held wounding we have yet to process, so it can be released and make space for more of who we are NOW. It can be difficult, tricky and downright unpleasant at times .But it is necessary in order for us to begin fully addressing our wounding. We can’t move in to our full presence , here and now , without clearing out and processing where we have been in the past and all that which keeps us attached to it .

Embodiment is also a wonderful gift. A reclaiming of our wonderful , creative, sensual, joyous, intuitive, wise, strong, radiant, visionary, purposeful, grounded, supportive, nurturing, innocent, vulnerable , un-fuckable with POWERFUL SELF.

Its a Beautiful gift of re-membering who we really are – not who we have been taught to  think  we are, based on our social conditioning and the spoken and unspoken expectations of others and the world around us, but who we  know we are – deep down . Its a process that enables us to disentangle me from you , so each of us can stand fully in our own energy and OWN IT. Take responsibility for it . Discover its gifts and bring them into the world – they are needed right now.

YOU have a unique Presence and Energy you were BORN TO EMBODY in this life .

Working to bring that here is, to me ,  the point and importance  of EMBODIMENT.