Warrior3Thank you for visiting the Well of Belonging. It is lovely to have you here!

          My name is Alexa and I live in the Northwest of England, not far from the Pennine Moors and only a short drive from one of the most ancient woodlands in this area (Reddisher Woods) which has become one of my favourite places to explore the myth and magic of nature. Over many years of cultivating a relationship with the place , it has become a wonderful guide and companion.

I’ve felt  a deep connection to nature and have been aware of the existence of other ‘realms’ from a very early age. My dream experiences and nature connection led me to seeking out Earth based spiritual traditions and ways of healing that take the whole being into account – the mind body and soul of a person .

I followed my inner calling along this  path for several years . Deepening my own understanding and connection to the seasonal cycles, the elements and directions of the wheel of the year , exploring the wisdom of plants , trees and animals and going through a process of deep personal healing which continues to evolve to this day.


This led me to undertaking a 3 year training in Shamanism Embodied, with a wonderful, grounded, facilitator and mentor Jayne Johnson  (Wild Therapy, ERT, Shamanism Embodied.) enabling me to connect  and work more deeply  with my inner wounding and uncover and re-claim the lost, forgotten and abandoned parts of myself, in order for me to begin fully embodying my own presence in this life and providing skills and wisdom to support others to do the same .

I also trained as a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist followed by a 2 year post graduate training in Embodied Relational Therapy .

In 2016 I trained with Jackie Stewart (www.flowerspirit.co.uk) as a Flower and Vibrational Medicine Practitioner allowing me to bring ERT and Flower Essence Therapy together in an integrated way.

It was during this process of unfolding that the Well of Belonging was born. There was a deep sense of coming home to myself and the world – to reconnecting with other like souled people that enabled me to finally let go of the idea that I don’t belong.

I have discovered a purpose and that is to support others to re-connect to themselves and to the wider world and in doing so heal the wounds of separation and find Belonging .

The Well of Belonging is , as stated in the welcome page , a place within us as well as a place we create together in community.

It is a space we gather ourselves and nurture and tend to our whole being so we can more fully embody and bring into the world our wisdom, magic, wildness and gifts to share with each other and remind each other, that we are not alone.

It is through the Well of Belonging that I wish to support others through one-one sessions, group workshops and circles to find their own inner wisdom, knowledge and insight, to trust themselves and work with whatever within them, is calling to be brought into balance. For this information to be brought into awareness, acknowledged, understood, learned from and integrated so you can move towards wholeness and in doing so, embody your true self more fully.

The Well of Belonging offers a space within which you can explore and  catalyse  deep transformation in a safe and supportive way. Re-wilding the Soul and calling yourself back home.