Thank you for visiting the Well of Belonging. It is lovely to have you here.

I’d like to share a little bit about myself and what led me to create the Well of Belonging.

My name is Alexa and I live in the Northwest of England, near Manchester.IMG_4532

I started the Well of Belonging as a way of connecting with others who, like me, are seeking more from their daily lives than a one dimensional existence. People who would like to connect more fully with their own inner nature and to connect in more fulfilling ways with themselves, the people in their lives, their communities and the wider world.

I’ve had a varied and colourful life, full of trials, tribulations, ups and downs that stemmed from an inner need to find a sense of belonging in the world, to find my place, my purpose, my ‘thing’.

I’ve had numerous incarnations career wise – working with animals, in offices (too many for my liking) and as a Support worker and Carer Support worker for a number of years. All of which was calling me toward working with others in a therapeutic and supportive role.

Running parallel to this is an interest in the fullness of the human existence, our connection to something greater than our individual selves and a desire to connect deeply and meaningfully with the world we share with  humans and  other forms of life.

I’ve had a deep connection to nature and have been aware of the existence of other ‘realms’ from a very early age.

I felt the world I live in wasn’t my true home, that  I some how didn’t fit in here. In searching for something that gave me a feeling of belonging,  in my early teens I was guided towards researching Earth based medicine traditions and shamanic practices. Something in me was stirred and resonated deeply and my venture into understanding the nature of being human took off. I can’t say it was an easy path, but I learned an awful lot about the dark and light  of the human spirit along the way.

I followed my inner calling along this  path for several years , initially alone but along the way was fortunate to encounter a number of wonderful people  who worked within  various Earth based /healing  practices, who supported me in my own unfolding healing journey. They always appeared at the right time, just as I needed them.

This eventually led me to undertaking a 3 year course, Shamanism Embodied, with a wonderful, grounded, facilitator and mentor Jayne Johnson  (Wild Therapy, ERT, Shamanism Embodied.) enabling me to connect  and work more deeply  with my inner wounding and uncover and re-claim the lost, forgotten and abandoned parts of myself, in order for me to begin fully embodying my own presence in this life.

I went on to train for a year in Hypnotherapy and Counselling followed by a 2 year post graduate training in Embodied Relational Therapy . In addition I trained with Jackie Stewart (www.flowerspirit.co.uk) as a Flower and Vibrational Medicine Practitioner allowing me to bring ERT and Flower Essence Therapy together in an integrated way.

It was during this process of unfolding into my self that the Well of Belonging was born. There was a deep sense of coming home to myself and the world – to reconnecting with other like souled people that enabled me to finally let go of the idea that I don’t belong.

The Well of Belonging is , as stated in the welcome page , a place within us as well as a place we create together in community. It is a space we gather ourselves and nurture and tend to our whole being so we can more fully embody and bring into the world our wisdom, magic, wildness and gifts to share with each other and remind each other, that we are not alone.

It is through the Well of Belonging that I wish to support others through one-one sessions, group workshops and circles to find their own inner wisdom, knowledge and insight, to trust themselves and work with whatever within them, is calling to be brought into balance. For the wounding of our  past to  be brought into awareness, acknowledged, understood, learned from and integrated so we can move towards wholeness and in doing so, embody our selves more fully.

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The more embodied we become, the more our life can flow and unfold in ways more aligned to our true nature. The more able we are to pursue a life of purpose that is fulfilling, enjoyable, connecting, grounded and supported by others.

As we become more embodied we begin to find we create more of what we need and less of what doesn’t serve us . We develop stronger personal and energetic boundaries whilst softening and opening more of  our hearts and self to others in healthy ways and become more able to tap into our creative and intuitive nature. Life still happens but we become more resilient and resourced, better able to manage the difficult periods and more fully enjoy the rest.

The Well of Belonging offers a space within which we can explore and  catalyse  deep transformation in a safe and supportive way. Re-wilding the Soul and calling our selves back home.