Flower Essences


Essences are a wonderful gift from nature that harness the healing spirit of plants , trees , flowers and gemstones in order to bring our Mind, body and soul energy into wholeness and balance.

Here at The Well of Belonging I offer one to one consultations integrating principles of Embodied Relational Therapy , Counselling and Flower and Vibrational Essences  to provide holistic support to each person on an individual basis.

The essences support your personal process by helping to shift the underlying emotional  and belief patterns that can keep you stuck in states that no longer serve you , bringing greater balance and harmony to your whole being.

The counselling provides a supportive space within which to discuss your needs and situation and explore the themes, feelings and beliefs that arise as you take the essences.

Usually you will start with a Bach flower combination to work on transforming the surface energies and then move on to using a Bach combination  alongside a deeper acting Essence or Essence combination.

These deeper acting essences support the issues that lay beneath the surface which are longstanding or deeply rooted and create what become  our core patterns.

These core patterns can take more time to work through than the initial surface material and need a willingness to enter a deeper healing process for personal and soul growth for which you will be fully supported.

Consultations are offered  in person or by telephone and skype/video messaging  allowing greater flexibility to fit around work and other commitments.

If you would like an informal chat before hand to make sure we are a good fit for working together I offer a free half hour call.

Essence consultations  are  £35  per session ( upto 1.5 hrs) and include  1 x bottle of up-to 8 Bach essences selected specifically for your needs and  P&P.

Any additional essences (not in the collection I already have) if required, will be charged separately .

If you would like to find out more, please use the Contact page to email  me. I aim to reply to emails within 1-2 working days excluding weekends and bank holidays .

You can also find me on Facebook at The Well of Belonging @TheTimelessPlace

I am aware that for some, cost can be a barrier to them seeking support, for this reason if you would like to have an essence consultation but are not in a position to pay the full fee, please get in touch to discuss payment options/concessions.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Take care.

Alexa x