Wild Wisdom Sessions

Wild Wisdom Sessions take counselling out of the confines of the therapy room into the outdoors , combining personal inner work  with nature connection , exploration of the inner and outer worlds in playful creative and spontaneous ways or simply being in the outdoors together allowing what needs to, to arise.

These sessions are primarily designed to be done outdoors in local nature areas but can also be adapted to working indoors.

The Earth upon which we live and the world that surrounds us, our environments, our own bodies and senses,  have much to offer us by way of support and information, if only we can tune in and listen to their wisdom.

In these sessions I offer to support your own connection to your  innate wisdom and the wisdom and guidance nature is offering you in every moment .

animal cold color fog
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Often we  will seek out support from other people when needing  guidance, advice or when facing periods of change, challenge or transition, usually through the  channels of talking and speaking, thinking and analysing .

Wild wisdom offers a space to open to other channels of communication that allow for the body to be felt  and listened to, for intuition to be attuned to and followed , for expression through creative activities, exploring and following our inner promptings and deep inner wisdom to notice what is happening with in us and how that may be mirrored, projected or amplified by that which we come into contact with around us.

It allows permission to connect with our spiritual nature and with natures spirit, in all its forms, in ways that are helpful and beneficial to us. It gives a chance to explore and understand reciprocal relationship between that which is outside of ourselves and that which is within us, to realise we are deeply connected to and part of something more than just the human world.

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We are part of nature. We ARE nature . By stepping into our wild wisdom, we can enhance our connection to ourselves, deepen our connection to other and find meaning in a world that can seem to have lost its way.

I have over 10 years experience of working personally with nature as a guide and teacher, working with the Elements, plants, flowers, trees and rivers, creating personal ceremony to honour the turning of the wheel of the year,Life Changes, Endings, Beginnings and periods of transition, challenge and initiation.

I’m open to supporting you if you would like to explore personal ceremony as a process of personal growth, to hold space for you, facilitate its creation with you, witness you and as working this way can often catalyse a deep personal process, be a support afterwards if you need it.

I work in what would be recognised as a shamanic way which is very much my own , based on an unfolding relationship with nature and my guides and helpers and doesn’t  exactly follow  the core shamanic traditions that people are familiar with .

You don’t need to follow any particular path or faith to do this work , just an openness to working with nature and a willingness to follow where it leads.

Wild Wisdom Sessions primarily take place outdoors and you will need to wear appropriate outdoor clothing . You will need to take responsibility for your own health and safety . We will agree on how the session will proceed before hand taking into account any limitations and risk factors that may present themselves.

Wild Wisdom sessions are £40 per 2hr session and take place in local parks and natural woodland. Concessions are available for those on low incomes.

To book a session please use the contact page to email or message me at The Well of Belonging Facebook page.